Sunday, June 11, 2017

Camp Ruatuna

Camp Ruatuna

Is this how we build a tent?
Trapping pests to protect animals.
Are cats really a pest?
                                                    Room 5 & 7 getting ready to go back to school.


Water Survival Skills

Staying alive in the Water

How to exit a  dingy safely.
How to survive beneath covers.
Just having fun.

Working together as a team to keep a float.

A flare and how to use one.
Water Survival Skills at Waterworld.

The instructors taught us so many things that we all learnt basic strokes to keep a float.
A lot of fun was also had and we worked really well as a team.
If you want to learn to swim, click on the link below.
Learn to swim

Monday, May 15, 2017

Reading to

This term our class has been reading;

The theme "lines may divide us, but hope will untie us." Has worked really well with our cultural diversity and lead on from our term one topic of a sense of belonging.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Our Science question today is
What is this?

Ollie believed it was a plant.  Hoani noticed the length could be a stem of a plant and that one of the shells reminded him of the inside of a piece of fruit.
The class began looking up images to see if they could identify the object was a plant.
To discover what the image is please see Sunday in Room 8. 

Monday, May 16, 2016


In class Whaea Guzzo is currently reading us The city of Ember which fits in nicely to our topic about buildings and shelters.
We are currently up to the chapter where Lina and Doon, the two main characters are trying to decipher the message that has been ripped up by Poppy.
Can you fill in the missing letters to the message?

      6.  Usi                opes, lowe          

                ter. Head dow st     . Us   pa
               av          cks and assist over rap   .

Thursday, May 12, 2016


This week students have had a fantastic time learning how to make observations and draw what they see in the experiments performed.
In the soda experiment we saw the chemical reactions that took place when adding two Mentos lollies to each bottle of soda (fizzy drink).
The Sprite looked amazing with a huge amount of gas being released.

The Fanta didn't go very high or lose much out of the bottle but continued to keep
 bubbling in the bottle long after the others had finish.

The Diet Coke was surprise with it shooting the second highest.

The Pepsi Max released the highest amount of gas and used the
most amount of liquid.

And the Fanta kept on bubbling and bubbling and bubbling. Reminding
us of a rumbling volcano.

Room 8 students are now keen to try different fizzy drinks and see what the reaction will be. 
We wonder, if that was effect in the bottle, what is the effect in our bodies, especially our teeth?
We wonder what will happen if we use different types of bottles?
We wonder what will happen if we add more than two Mentos lollies?
To have a try at home follow the link below and have fun exploring with Science.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Room 8 was learning about the ANZAC poppy and its importance to ANZAC soldiers. Students were able to make poppies and also write poems that used one of the senses like sight, sound, touch or feelings.
Army people in the trenches
New Zealanders standing strong
Zooming through my scope ready to fire
Adrenaline pumping through my body
Crossing no man's land to fight.

As we traveled the trenches of Gallipoli.
New Zealanders were killed in the thousands.
Zero survivors.
Attacks out of nowhere
Cannons shooting with explosions of death
Follow the link to go and make your own Anzac poppy to commemorate this special event in New Zealand and Australian history.
Make your own poppy.